Ekklesia Gathering

Thank you for joining us on our 1st monthly
Ekklesia Fellowship gathering!

We had quite a long list of prayers and testimonies. God is moving in a BIG WAY!!!

Stay on the wall; as the testimonies declared, your prayers and God’s touch are shaking the gates of Hell!

We introduced a new teaching entitled:
The Secret of Spiritual Power. You will not want to miss the entire teaching. We’ll let you know when it will be available on the PathOfLifeMinistries.net and Sermon.net websites.

As always, I encourage each of you to continue steadfast in His Word and to study to show yourselves approved unto God. Personal Bible study and prayer can never be replaced by man’s interpretation and its accompanying systems, rites, rules, regulations and traditions.

God’s Ekklesia has a Spiritual nature, a spiritual life, a spiritual fellowship and a spiritual ministry that has been all but crushed by the weight of the modern day Sadducees and Pharisees of the traditional church. However there is a remnant! Praise God!

To that end, we are designing a web presence to educate God’s remnant on early church development, the way fellowship was shared by God’s people before flesh got in the way, as well as suggestions on how to reclaim that fire that brought 3,000 and more to Christ in a day.

Stay tuned, you will be blessed.

Frank Coleman
A Called Out One


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