God is our shepherd. What is a shepherd? A shepherd is someone who cares for sheep.

Now sheep are not always the smartest animals. Sheep can get lost; they can do stupid things; they don’t know the best way to go on their own. They need attention; they can sometimes be defenseless. Sheep need to be guided, and cared for, and fed. A good shepherd cares for his sheep. David says in the Bible “The Lord in my shepherd.”

Doesn’t this sound a little like us? We need God to lead and guide us and protect us. Jesus said “I am the good shepherd.” When we trust our lives to Him and ask Jesus Christ to be our Lord and Savior, He comes to us and He will care for us. Jesus will show us the way we should go in life. When we fall, He will pick us up. He will lead us and guide us all the days of our life. The good shepherd cares for His sheep; Jesus even sacrificed His life here on earth for us. Jesus loves us.

So, this week let us pray that

  • God will help us recognize that we need Jesus to be our Lord and shepherd all the days of our life
  • We will confess our sins to God and be humble when we seek His guidance
  • God will protect us and help us reach even more people for Jesus Christ

THANK YOU so much for your prayers. We are partners together. Your prayers to God mean so much as we pray together to see everyone on earth have many chances to accept Christ.

May God bless you.

Min. Frank Coleman

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