Loneliness is an epidemic in our world today. In a time when we have more people and communication devices than ever before, people are still lonely. I’m reminding you that friends are valuable treasures.

A friend that sticks by you in good times and in bad is worth more than gold. Luke was that kind of friend. When Paul was in a Roman prison awaiting execution for preaching Christ, Luke stayed by his side to comfort him. Paul acknowledged that when in 2 Timothy 4:11 he said, “Only Luke is with me.” Paul knew he was about to reach the finish line of his life. He appreciated the friendship of Luke in his final hours.

Not only do I find myself wanting a friend like Dr. Luke, but I find myself challenged to be that kind of friend to others. In our fast-paced lives we must be careful not to be so busy we have no time for others. Take time to be a friend to those who need your friendship today.

You can learn from Luke’s example by reading God’s Word. There is no better place to learn about friendships than the Bible. After all, you have no greater friend than Jesus.

Frank Coleman

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