Some people just don’t seem to have much going for them. I know one. His mom was a prostitute, and so he was rejected by his family. His half brothers and sisters tolerated him until their father died. Then they tossed him out. He was on his own with nobody to turn to. He got involved with a worthless gang who robbed people for kicks. Sounds like a movie plot, I know, but this is a real person. His name was Jephthah and Judges 11:1 introduces him as “…a mighty man of valor, but he was the son of a harlot.” Jephthah had every reason to blame his environment for his failures, but he chose rather to trust God and become a hero of faith.

Now you may feel like you have nothing going for you either. But your background is no excuse for failure. Jephthah reminds us all of what we can be if we choose to trust God with our lives.

Want to know how the story turns out? Read Judges 11 in the Old Testament and see how God used Jepthah. It’s a story of a life that started out bad and turned into something good. The Bible has answers for all of life’s questions. Read it today.

Frank Coleman

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