Frank’s Desk – 08/17/10


Have you ever looked at someone and thought, If only I could be like him or her, then I could really be successful? Well, true success doesn’t come by imitating others, it comes by giving God your best effort no matter what.

Daniel Defoe was not a great preacher or teacher or even an outstanding missionary. Defoe could do only one thing, but he did it well. He could write. For nearly 25 years Daniel Defoe used his writing skill to share Christian principles. You probably know his most famous novel, “Robinson Crusoe,” a book dealing with God’s purpose for man and the problem of evil.

Defoe wrote more than 250 books. He believed strongly in the Bible verse found in Colossians 3, verse 23, “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.

What is it God wants you to do for Him? Do you know what your gifts are? You can find out. Open your Bible and read it and that will open your life before God. It all begins with God’s Word. Make yourself available and let God use you however He chooses.

Min. Frank Coleman

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