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Homeschooling is here to stay! The Department of Education reports that 36 percent of students have parents who are concerned about giving their kids moral or religious instruction; 21 percent are concerned about peer pressure or drugs in public schools. About 17 percent said they were dissatisfied with the academic instruction available at public schools. And 7 percent of parents said they were interested in a nontraditional education method.


And you don’t have to be a full time homeschooler to take advantage of the great tools available. Many parents choose to supplement their child’s education to help boost grades. With the decline in funding at many public schools, teachers no longer have the resources to offer a well rounded curriculum to children. With the slashing of Arts, Language, Music, Critical Thinking and other options, you can make up your child’s education at home!

In a Washington Times article by Nick Anderson, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel, praised President Obama’s intentions to lift standards, raise teacher quality, and turn around low-performing schools. But he said performance pay, charter schools and links between student and teacher data raise difficult issues for his union. [however] “…When he (Obama) equates teachers with test scores, that’s when we part company,” And that defines EXACTLY why homeschool parents homeschool their children!

Lifepac American Literature Box Set by Alpha Omega Publications
Our Price $35.96
RRP: $39.95 You save: $3.99
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Home School Season
Alpha Omega Publications Curriculum

We proudly offer hundreds of Homeschool Supplies, including materials from the award-winning Alpha Omega Publications®, one of the leading suppliers of PreK-12 Christian curriculum to homeschool families. AOP is a US-based company, headquartered in Rock Rapids, Iowa, with offices in Chandler, Arizona. They have over 30 years of experience offering affordable curriculum, educational books and games, support services, and family entertainment to homeschool customers worldwide.

For more information on homeschooling, consult the following resources on our website:

Listen to What the Homeschool Experts Say.

“I have used your LIFEPAC curriculum with my son for the last four years of his homeschool education and must say that I’m impressed by your detailed, thorough, and concise curriculum that emphasizes ideas and concepts to the point where they are embedded in the memory of the student permanently. That is a rarity in today’s education system in which students tend to forget material within a few months of learning it, if not weeks. As college approaches, it has become essential that we ensure for ourselves the most exceptional curriculum available. Thanks.”

Horizon Kindergarten Reader, Set Our Price $39.60RRP: $44.00 You save: $4.40 Lifepac Bible 1st Grade Complete Box Set Our Price $68.36RRP: $75.95 You save: $7.59 Lifepac Family & Consumer Science Student Workbooks Our Price $42.30RRP: $47.00 You save: $4.70

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