CONNECTIONS Newsletter – 10/10/10

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In a research presentation for the Family Research Council, Dr. William Jeynes, a Professor at California State University in Long Beach and a Non-resident Scholar at Baylor University, shared the long awaited results of his meta-analyses that summarizes the relationship between faith & family values and academic and behavioral outcomes for youth. Jeynes’ speech was based on the findings of his research, which examines a research synthesis of all the available studies on the influence of personal religious faith and family factors on children. This research synthesis, commonly called a meta-analysis, involves statistically synthesizing all the research that has been done on a given topic.

There were several of Jeynes’ findings that were most salient. First, personal religious faith among youth had a dramatic relationship with children’s academic outcomes and what are commonly referred to as at-risk behaviors, including consuming various types of illegal drugs and unhealthy amounts of alcohol and becoming involved in a single parent teenage pregnancy. Jeynes noted that, “Faith has a particularly ameliorative impact on academic and behavioral outcomes for children of color and those from single parent family structures. That is, faith plays an important role in helping youth overcome other disadvantages. American society should therefore encourage and not discourage these children from drawing strength from their religious faith.” Second, youth that come from family structures outside of the two biological parent intact family, on average, face academic, psychological, and behavioral disadvantages across virtually every measure. American society should therefore take more definitive actions to support the two biological parent intact family. Third, religious schools particularly benefit children of color and those of low socioeconomic status. Jeynes asserts that, “Faith and family are two of the foremost pillars sustaining the most healthy parts of society. Yet we live in a society that frequently disparages Christians, in particular, and the value and unique nature of the two-parent family. The question we need to ask is whether we are undermining the institutions that are largely responsible for the strength, health, and compassion that made this country great.” …. Read this in full at

There are many additional and interesting articles here:

Be Blessed.

Min. Frank Coleman


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