Weekly Prayer Focus – 10/17/10

Spend time with God each day! We have the amazing joy and privilege of spending time each and every day with the one true God who is the Lord of the entire universe.

Just think of this! The most powerful and loving and magnificent Being in all of existence loves you and wants to spend time with you.

This is an incredible privilege we have. If the leader of your country called and asked to meet with you at 8 in the morning, you would probably do everything you could to make that appointment. How much more should we enjoy the privilege of meeting with God?

So, each day, I suggest you try to set aside some time to meet with God. God is with you always and you can talk with Him throughout the day, but it is a great idea to set aside special time each day when you can pray, read the Bible, and focus on God. Just take some time to be quiet before God and ask Him to speak to your heart. God loves you and He wants to spend time with you.

This week, let us pray and ask God to:

  • Help us spend time each day talking with Him
  • Give us His love and compassion for someone in need around us
  • Fill and control our friends and associates with His Holy Spirit each and every day

THANK YOU for your prayers and your love! Each week many people just like you get this prayer letter and join with us in prayer. Can we pray for you? You can just hit Reply to this email and tell us your prayer requests and we will pray for you.

May God bless you!

Min. Frank Coleman


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