prayer 11-28

Kevin Reynolds is still in intensive care but is recovering slowly. The reality of what’s to come is finally setting in for his family and
they are realizing just how much hard work is ahead for Kevin. The day after surgery, everyone was happy & celebrating but they
now understand what’s ahead for all of them. They are ready for whatever they need to do and are extremely grateful beyond words
for all the prayers said for Kevin. He did respond to a verbal command for the first time yesterday and his eyes are open and following
people. He is being weaned off the breathing tube. The doctors are amazed that he’s made it thru surgery and feel that he will continue
to improve. The extent of the brain damage is still not fully known except that he’s paralyzed on the right side of his body. When he
stronger, they will begin testing other areas of the brain to try to measure the extent of the damage. Please continue to pray for Kevin
and his family. God Bless you all for praying for the Reynold’s family.

Patricia Soto
passed away on Monday. Please pray for her husband, and the Brown and Soto families.
She had a tumor removed about a month ago and the doctors said that she had cancer of her lymph nodes.

Anna Lopez – we have been praying for her for a while. They were hoping for a liver transplant and then she suffered problems with her heart.
The doctors have been amazed at how well she has been doing. They didn’t think she should be alive. But our God has allowed her more time with her family.
She passed away this week. It has been a great blessing to have known her, we will miss her.

Uncle Jim who has congestive heart failure. He is all swollen and he really wants to die. His family hates to see him suffering but knows that God must have a plan.
Its hard to lose the ones you love and its hard knowing they are in pain.

Mililtary – All those who are being sent to Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as their families and loved ones.

Sandra and Dan – need discernment about their children’s schools.

Shannon – a young lady who just miscarried this week.

Mateo thanking God for his job. God is good.

D & K – please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance about finances and every aspect of their lives.

for our children who don’t see the reality of God.


One response to “prayer 11-28

  1. Let us all give thanks to our Lord and Savior for keeping us and caring for us, even those that are ill and believing God for healing.

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