URGENT prayer for Kevin

From: Vanessa Schergen
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 2:38 PM
Subject: URGENT prayer for Kevin

Kevin has had a setback, the neurosurgeon found an aneurysm on his brain and are waiting to see if it’s growing or not. If it is, they’ll have to do immediate surgery, which they don’t want to do because he’d be at great risk for more strokes. We’re waiting to hear back from Kevin’s parents — they were a wreck last time. Let’s lift them up in prayer.

Kathy P and Kathy F – please continue to lift them in prayer. They believe that they are in God’s hands. They also believe they are already healed. Let’s thank God for healing them, and for the day they will both give their testimonies about their healing journey.

T. and M. – please pray that God soften these young men’s hearts to let Him in. I believe He is working on them.

Lisa passed away last week. She was so peaceful and beautiful the day before God took her home.
Pat and Anna –
also passed away this past week.
Please keep their husbands and children in your thoughts and prayers during this time of grief. Please keep all these families, friends, and their needs in prayer. God is moving and His promises are “Yes” and “Amen”.

Bob and Adriana – they are “downsizing, getting rid of our idols (piano, dinning room, etc.). I am praying for God to make it clear where he wants us to be and to provide until He provides a job for Bob or SSD. I am grateful that God keeps pulling me closer to His Son, that He has given me a job and we are still under a good roof. Pray for us, for Bob, to be free of all that separates us from Jesus, to follow Him, surrender to His sovereignty, and make Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives.”

From Adriana: “Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. I am doing BSF the new study on the book of Isaiah and the Lord is stirring up my heart and illuminating in me how much I am like Israel, how much our nation is like Israel. Nothing has changed on the outside yet much is happening with me as I confess to God and cry out for his hand of mercy. Revival needs to start with me as I pray for revival in our nations.”


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