Thought for today – 07/28/2011


“God invites us to ask plainly for what we need. We will not be scolded any more than a child who climbs into her parent’s lap and presents a Christmas wish list. Dr. Vernon Grounds says that when he hears of someone in need of healing, he prays like this: ‘God, I know you have your own purposes and undoubtedly have a plan for this person, but I’ll tell you straight out what I would like to see happen.’ If diagnosed with a serious illness, I would ask directly for physical healing. We are commanded to pray for healing, Jesus decisively demonstrated God’s desire for human health and wholeness, and dozens of studies have borne out the effectiveness of prayer in the healing process. Faith works. It aligns body, mind, and spirit, and galvanizes the healing processes built into our bodies.”
~Philip Yancey, Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?


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