Thought for today – 08/21/2011


Do I believe in luck? I should say I do! It’s a wonderful force. I have watched the successful careers of too many lucky men to doubt its existence and its efficacy. You see some fellow reach out and grab an opportunity that the other fellows standing around had not realized was there. He calls into play his breadth of vision. He sees the possibilities of the situation, and has the ambition to desire them, and the courage to tackle them. He intensifies his strong points, bolsters his weak ones, cultivates those personal qualities that cause other men to trust him and to co-operate with him. He sows the seeds of sunshine, of good cheer, of optimism, of unstinted kindness. He gives freely of what he has, both spiritual and physical things. He thinks a little straighter; works a little harder and a little longer; travels on his nerve and his enthusiasm; he gives such service as his best efforts permit. He keeps his head cool, his feet warm, his mind busy. He doesn’t worry over trifles, plans his work ahead, and then sticks to it, rain or shine. He talks and acts like a winner, for he knows in time he will be one. And then — luck does all the rest!

(Hidden Treasures)


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