Thought for today – 01/24/2012

“By giving his name, God says clearly, I want to have a personal relationship. I am introducing myself. I am telling you my name so that you can call me. God did this to let the Israelites know he would be very near, personally protecting them, putting out food for them every night and setting up signposts for their journey every day. He was not just the great God of the universe. He was their own personal God, who cared. He would go with them on their dangerous trip to Palestine. For us, God’s name means much the same thing. A person can pick out his name even if it is said in a crowded, noisy room. So with God. Amid the incredible clatter of the universe, the motion and clamor of billions, when we speak his name, God tunes in. We have his attention when we call out to him. He will keep a close eye on us. He will stay close to us all through our dangerous journey.”
Tim Stafford, Personal God: Can You Really Know the One Who Made the Universe?


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