Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the Lord. Today I’d like to ask the question “ Did God do that?” However before I ask that question I’d like to know do you read the word of God for yourself or do you rely on the pastor or teacher to read and give you interpretation? Do you repeat what you hear without reading it for yourself or again, do you rely on your pastor or teacher to read and interpret it for you? Now I understand that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God but you must also read the word and when hearing it listen closely. Let’s take a look at Job which is a good example for the point I’d like to make.

In the first chapter of Job the writer is telling us about an event that is happening in heaven. The angels are coming to present themselves before the Lord. Satan has come to present himself as well. The Lord asks him where is he coming from. His reply is that he has been roaming to and fro in the earth. The Lord then asks him if he had considered His servant Job. The Lord then begins to name the attributes of Job. He is blameless, (faithful) upright and shuns evil. Satan’s reply is that God has an hedge of protection around Job and that He has blessed the work of his hands to the point that his flocks and herds have spread across the land. In other words Job was rich in family, herds, flocks, camels and servants. Satan believed that if the protection was removed and that if God stretched his hand out against Job, that Job would curse God to his face. So our God’s reply was “Very well, everything that is his is in your power but, against the man himself you may not touch.” Satan being full of pride and confident that he would win accepted the terms of the challenge after all he comes to kill steal and destroy. This was right up his proverbial alley. So he leaves the presence of the Lord.

Now Satan’s attack was swift, brutal, fierce, and without mercy. He causes Job to lose his flocks, herds, camels, servants, and last but not least his children. All was taken away in one day. In all this Job sinned not but fell on his face and worshiped God saying “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” That scripture is truly stated but it is not a statement of truth.

Now my question is Did God do that to Job? No! If we read and understand the word God removed his divine protection around Job and gave Satan free reign over all that Job possessed. God did not take anything from Job. We do not serve an Indian giver kind of God. So why do so many ministers, teachers and pastors misuse this verse of scripture? They quote this at funerals or to family members who have loved ones on their death bed. They misuse this scripture to comfort people. We serve a mighty God and a loving God. A God who has invested a lot in His children. A God who paid a ransom for us that was without measure. A God who once called us servants now calls us His children. A God who loves us beyond comprehension. A God who has given us a promise to prosper us even as our soul prospers and who also gave us the promise of the Holy Spirit that would lead and guide us into all truths. No, our God does not give us things and take them away but He will remove His protection and allow the enemy to have his way. Sometimes this is the only way He can get our attention. And sometimes it may be a test. Not for his sake but for ours. We may not always understand why He does what he does but it will always be for our greater good. In the end God restored everything that was stolen from Job and even accepted the responsibility of what He allowed Satan to do to Job.

There is so much goodness and comfort in the word of God. Let us find words that comfort and encourage those that are going thru. Quoting that scripture out of context will sometimes make one wonder what kind of God do we serve. So let’s let the Holy Ghost help us to read and understand the word of God. You can’t ask for a better teacher than the very Spirit of the true and living God. Let us pray for wisdom and understanding but in all our getting get understanding. Let us seek him with our whole heart thru His word. He promised that when we seek Him we would find Him.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May he make His face to shine upon you. May he keep you in His majestic care.

A Daughter in the Kingdom of God
Minister, Linda Coleman


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