By Horace Hooper

Christianity – the faith of Jesus Christ – did not begin by means of the Lord establishing an institution in which to save men. It is not propagated by such an institution. It is not sustained and preserved in the heart of men and women today by some institution. Therefore Christianity cannot be restored in any generation by seeking to find, rebuild, re-establish or restore an ecclesiastical organization of any kind, whatever name you want to hang on it!

Christianity – the faith of Jesus Christ – came into existence in fact when King Jesus sent forth the power of the Holy Spirit upon His eye-witnesses, inspiring them to go, make known the rule of Heaven in the preaching of redemption and salvation in the name of Jesus, the Christ crucified , risen and exalted to the right hand of the Father on high. It was propagated by these men and their disciples as they continued steadfastly in His teaching, fellowship breaking of bread and prayers, holy living and righteous conduct toward all men they lived among.

Today, it is preserved and sustained by men and women as they also humbly submit their lives in faith to the reign of King Jesus. So in conclusion, Christianity may be restored in the hearts of lost mankind to the extent that the love of the truth of God, the gospel, is to be restored in faithful teaching and practice. Sad to say, but it isn’t even close, to what it could and should be!

The organizational, institutional concept of Christianity is one of Satan’s most effective tools, as well as a deterrent, preventing men from seeing and embracing the simplicity of the true faith of Jesus our Lord, and acknowledging his power and reign in our hearts, from His lofty throne up in Heaven!

Yours for Truth and Freedom


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