Sin, or “Lifestyle Choice?”

The School of Christ Message for today

May 9, 2012
The Early Ekklesia had plenty of problems.

But one thing they had in their favor was strong spiritual leadership who could speak the truth and bring correction when needed.

Followers of Christ in those days weren’t left to argue, debate, rationalize, or justify controversial moral issues based on popular opinion.

Things like fornication, adultery, and homosexuality were sins, not “mistakes” or “lifestyle choices” or “just the way I was born.”

Today’s Harlot Church accepts everything in the name of “tolerance” and “not judging.”

To even have these questions open for debate among so-called followers of Christ is a failure of spiritual leadership, plain and simple.

It’s also a failure of basic, common sense.

Scripture shows us the truth, if we’ll listen.

Not only is it OK for us to judge, it is absolutely required of us.

And while we do thank God for all the spiritual blessings of love, mercy, grace and forgiveness, we still have a responsibility to honor God with our body.

How do we honor God with our body?

Here’s a simple place to start: “Flee sexual immorality” (1 Cor. 6:18a).

You can spiritualize your beliefs all you want, but it doesn’t get any more practical than that.

Join us for tomorrow night’s webinar to learn more:

I am your brother,

Chip Brogden


3 responses to “Sin, or “Lifestyle Choice?”

  1. Judging teaching OK. Judging people NO. (incidentally using “Harlot Church” isn’t likely to do anything but get yourself labelled…perhaps that is your intent…”I’m not soft on sin”).
    I’m not sure how you get “strong leadership” out of Acts. Paul’s letters couldn’t have arrived very quickly or often, and we have several hints at apparently longstanding disagreements and doctrinal differences. It seems from several of Paul’s comments that the churches were not particularly willing to listen to him (at least via letter), and Timothy had several letters of encouragement in his leadership role.

    • Thomas Schultz: Checking out your site. Good stuff. I’ll be a regular reader.

    • Thank you for your comment bro. Thomas.
      I have no problem with being “labelled;” wasn’t my intention but I have no control over that.
      I agree with your statement on strong leadership. I believe that the original writer of the post intended [my opinion] on shaking up the current church “leadership.”
      Again, thanks for your input.

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