How to Get Blessings to Flow

How to Get Blessings to Flow

“Noah… did all that God commanded him.” -GENESIS 6:22 ESV

I spent many years creating and executing my own plans, asking the Lord to bless them. One day I understood that instead of always trying to get the Lord to bless what I wanted to do, it was much simpler to find out what the Lord wanted to bless, and simply doTHAT. Instead of trying to get God to come down to my level and do what I wanted, it was far better to come onto the Lord’s ground and do what He wanted.

Great synergy and blessing is released when we simply cooperate with what God has already purposed to do. Heaven backs us up with tremendous power and authority. Instead of trying to make something happen, I simply flow in a current that already exists. The Lord will deny no request that is in agreement with what He Himself has originated.

Source: The Church in the Wilderness by Chip Brogden

See this message on Chip Brogden’s site:


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