How Do We View Our Christian Leaders?

How Do We View Our Christian Leaders?

Posted by  on September 7, 2012

Our definition of a “Christian Leader” and also the way we personify and live out the Gospel in our own lives is vastly influenced by the manner in which it is presented to us.

For example, if we hear the Gospel from someone who is actively living it out and making a difference in their spheres of influence (i.e. we can see the difference in the lives of the people around them as they go about healing the sick in their work place, at home or in the supermarket, giving food to the guy on the street corner, showing hospitality towards other brothers and sisters, learning with other believers to hear the voice of God TOGETHER, investing themselves into building deep, lasting relationships with people, equipping others to do the same that they are doing, welcoming straight and sometimes even imposing questions about the Gospel, etc) we will have a natural tendency to start imitating them and by definition we will view them as leaders because of their ACTIONS.

On the other hand, if we hear the Gospel from a person who carries a title in front of their name and who has been formally appointed OVER us, encouraging us to shout “Amen” and clap our hands whenever they say something good, stirring us join them in “crying out for revival” and for God to “send His glory”, requiring of us to submit ourselves under their authority and their “covering” and align ourselves with THEIR vision for God’s church, then naturally we will have a completely different view of what a Christian Leader is supposed to look like and what he is supposed to do.

Additionally, when we begin to mature to the place where we can start leading others, then our leadership style will greatly reflect the customs and practices we have exposed ourselves to.

Which type of legacy do we want to leave behind? Which type of leaders do we want to reproduce?



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