Urgent Prayer Requests 12/6/2012

From: Vanessa Schergen

Aunt Ruby – found out today that she has had several small strokes. The problem lies on her brain stem. She needs an angiogram/plasty. However, the doctor is concerned that this could be very dangerous. PLEASE guide my Uncle and cousins as they need to make a decision. We know that God answers prayer and He has the power to heal and to comfort. Please pray that they experience God’s peace as they choose to do His will.

Young man and his family – please pray for a young man experiencing great difficulty in his life. Please also pray for his parents. They are a God-fearing, miracle-believing family. God knows their needs and desires. Please pray that they see God’s will in choices that may need to be made, that they feel God’s presence and strength as they live their lives, and that they not lose hope. Our hope IS in the Lord!

R and L – please continue to pray that R’s innocence will be brought to light, and that the perpetrators will stop their attempts to discredit him and hurt their family. The entire family is experiencing great emotional pain. But our God is higher than any arrows from Satan. Our God is a God of truth and light. Darkness has no place in the Light. Praise God.

J – please pray for continued healing of the heart and body. Our God is awesome and can disintegrate years of pain and bitterness, and fill us with His sweet love and forgiveness.

Bob and Adriana –
Following is Adriana’s request:

If you find it in your heart I would appreciate if you stand firm in prayer for Bob. He is under chains, captivated by the lies of the enemy and having thoughts and actions of a slow suicide.

I know that many may think that this is an old story and Bob is not intentionally walking with God and seek deliverance. Yet we have the Lord of the universe to come in prayer in the name of Jesus and stand in the gap for Bob and his deliverance. As I wrote to some brothers and sisters a few weeks ago: “Let us put on LOVE and start building each other up. It is not easy. It is our earthbound nature to give up. When we listen with earthly ears we justify “I tried for many years. . . She/he is beyond rescuing… I’m tired of reaching out nothing changes… I was offended by him/her…” Imagine if our Lord would take our attitude… Thank God His love is perfect, unconditional, endures forever, and He loves even when we walk away from Him, because brothers and sisters THAT IS HIS NATURE.” We have His Nature in us, His DNA, and we abide to His sound.

As his wife, at times I feel the frustration of many years of Bob’s captivity. As the daughter of the most High King and the sister of the most loving glorious brother, Jesus the Christ, I know that prayer is of most importance. Perseverance through all of this trials is a gift from God. He will be delivered with, through, or of this captivity not because of us or because of Bob but because God is good and faithful and He will complete the good works he started in Bob.

Pray for me, that I accept and jump into this season of gentleness towards my husband. I love you all, Peace is in God and Heaven is here, He is in us.

There are so many needs in our own lives and the lives of those around us. Please lift them in prayer.


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