By His Blood – True Holiness

by Brook Potter

“The only people who Paul called stupid are those who got saved by faith, but thought they went onto perfection by doing good.” – Paul White

Satan is an expert of getting people to chase their own tail. Many believers are still caught in a cycle of trying to get something that they already have. They are asking for anointing, that they already have (1 John 2:27), they are asking for more of the Holy Spirit, which shows up in person, not in portion, which they already have (2 Corinthians 1:22). They are hungering and thirsting after Righteousness, which they already have (Romans 5:19 ), and Jesus said those who come to him will never hunger and thirst again? (John 6:35)

Believers have been ignorant and blinded by the truth of the Gospel, and the Finished Work of the Cross, and they always fall victim to the same lie Satan seduced eve with in the Garden; that we are lacking something, and we must do something to get it.

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