“PREACHERS OF L.A.” – Your Comments?

“PREACHERS OF L.A.” – Your Comments?
-Andrew Strom.

Some Christians want to stop this new Reality TV show from going to air – “Preachers of L.A.” But I say, “Let it be shown!” After all, these are actual preachers, typical of so many today, with their fancy houses and flashy cars. They wanted this Reality show, they wanted to flaunt all this stuff – let America see the kind of preachers she is producing these days! Why should this remain hidden? Let the whole church know the full extent of how far things have fallen. Please take a look at the trailer for “Preachers of LA” at our website below. Should it be banned or not?

– Watch it here- http://www.revivalschool.com/

God bless you all.


2 responses to ““PREACHERS OF L.A.” – Your Comments?

  1. the world is gonna do what they do that is offer a false (gospel) religion, ie., TBN, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, etc, etc …. rather, take advantage of (platforms) like these like John (the Baptist) …. and Paul did before King Agrippa, Bernice, Festus, etc, etc …. expound the CORRECT DOCTRINE of Christianity …. and let the Holy Spirit convict therewith, the “Glory” goes to God > Jesus Christ …. these last Days are exicting Times …. we (Christians) are out of here soon enough (the Rapture) until then stop whinning and do your job …. fight the “Good” fight ….

    • Whining? This got your attention as it will others. Perhaps putting this travesty in front if people they’ll see how much the “faith” has fallen and begin to seek truth. So, do your job. Hope it’s not pointing out the speck in others eyes while the plank is in yours.

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