The body of Christ – the temple of the Holy Spirit – is you and I. If Jesus dwells in us, we are the church, but if you give your money to an organization to build and maintain buildings and to pay the salaries of some people, you are robbing God. It’s God’s money that should be used for His Kingdom and it’s being used to build kingdoms on this earth. It’s not the Kingdom of God you are building.

These churches (organizations) are robbing you, they are robbing the body of Christ. They are stealing from God. The money that God gives you must be applied for the Kingdom of God. We’ve gotta look after the poor and the needy, not build churches. If you take the assets of these churches, all the lands, all the buildings, all the artwork and decorations that belong to the church and you apply it to looking after the poor there would be no poor. Now I can hear your screams now, “The bible says in Mark 14:7 ‘The poor you will always have with you…’ what do you say about that?” I say you have the same spirit as the “rich young ruler,” walking away sadly after trying to justify your wealth.

Who has robbed the poor? The churches; they’re not servants of God, they are serving themselves and you are supporting them. You mean well, you think you are serving God, you’re not, you are supporting church. Are you supporting the robbers? Are they bringing you closer to Jesus? Are they bringing you to righteousness when they themselves are thieves? When they are robbing God; when they are robbing you; when they are robbing the poor; when they make the poor old lady pay them with the threat of a curse? You think they are working for God? They are robbing God, they are robbing the poor, don’t support them. Don’t be an accomplice. Use that money God has given you for the Kingdom of God. Don’t support the church. God will hold us accountable for everything He has given us; the money He’s given us, the talents, the abilities and the time.

The time that you are spending at church should be used for the Kingdom of God not for church – church is robbing the Kingdom of God. Don’t be deceived.

Pray about what I’m telling you now. Ask Jesus to open your heart and your mind to the Kingdom of God. Then you start serving Jesus and those people whom He loves and whom He died for. He died for the poor, He died for the needy, He died for you and I. He came to serve, not to be served.

Church is robbing the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Don’t support it.

Build the Kingdom of God.



  1. youre making a blanket statement of all Churches is …. “throwing the baby out with the bath water” …. your motive (to warn) is correct, your method (to warn) is WRONG …. translation, youre WRONG !!!

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