In Him we LIVE and MOVE and ‘HAVE’ our BEING

In Him we LIVE and MOVE and ‘HAVE’ our BEING.
by Miguel

Sitting around chanting “Kumbaya” while passing existential weed wrapped in bible paper seems to be how some think the church should “be.”

In essence, the thought is that Christians should be “doing” less “being” more. It sort of a self deafeating propsotion if you think about it. Telling others to “be,” requires action, or at least a shift in current action to non-action which is an action in and of itself.

It’s as if “Abiding in Christ” were a passive thing.

Mankind, in general, but more specifically the church, lives and moves and has their being (exists) in God. To be fully human and fully Christian exhibits, at least, thee three things. The Church, or members thereof, are to exemplify these three things, or shine as the optimum example of them.

“Just living life,” is but one part. “Moving,” is another. “Having our being, or existence in God is, or should be, a given. Sentience, or self awareness, is simply the recognition, to one degree or another, that we are created in God’s image. Being comes into clarity when every living person asks two primal questions;

“Who am I?


“Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose.”



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