I asked a question about “prophetic worship” recently because it seems as though adding the words “prophetic” to any undertaking makes it more viable.
Worship is worship plain & simple.
We worship Him in spirit & truth. Haven’t found a scripture that says we worship Him in prophecy.

My impetus to the question came when I saw a flier recently advertising yet another “Prophetic Conference” which included, of course, “prophetic worship.” Puzzled, I needed an explanation of this phenomenon

How many of you believe that adding the word “prophetic” will make anything more “spiritual?”

This whole “prophetic” thing has gotten completely out of hand, body of Christ

Have we forgotten what Jesus said in Rev. 2 to the church in Thyatira about “…that woman who[CALLS
(emphasis mine) a prophetess…” seducing the body? Our works, love, service, faith, and patience can easily be nullified by falling in with these seducing spirits. Yeah, I said it; not everything labeled “prophetic” is of God. Many are seducing spirits leading us astray.

The “Prophetic” cottage industry as claimed many a disappointed soul that continues to run behind these so called “prophets” giving out “words” that will never come true. They then dismiss them with, “well, maybe I got that for somebody else in the room” or “If you want to claim that word for yourself, just do it, it’s yours.” or some other “gobble-d-gook.

“Beware beloved, the end is near & the signs are clear.
No better time than now to study to show yourselves approved.
Man WILL lead you astray but God never will.



  1. well done, smiles ….

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