WHY ARE YOU HERE? Archive replay

Air date: 5/16/2014 @ 10:00PM central:
The “church” today is not developing disciples. We have audience based gatherings that go from week to week with no true spiritual growth. The people in the audiences wouldn’t know a spiritual gift, if it ran up and slapped them in the face. And what they are being fed as gifts, are watered down versions that they believe are only available to a few “special” people. As a result, that few “special” people are lifted up to do the work that any and all believers were meant to do.
What answer would you give if your “pastor” asked you: “WHY ARE YOU HERE?”
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6 responses to “WHY ARE YOU HERE? Archive replay

  1. you’re not paying attention to what you said in your own post …. ITS A DUMB (BACKWARDS) QUESTION …. NOTE: these (pastors) are not going to ask, “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” …. why not, then they would have to be “accountable” that they AVOID, duhhhhhhhh …. these (false prophets) teach, have zero capacity > “no spiritual growth” for (the sheep) Christians …. do a (false prophets) search, see the characteristics >>> notice your (pastor) …. Run Forest Run ….

    • Thanks dholmes. It was a rhetorical question. I know these guys wouldn’t ask this, however, one that came to his senses may do it as his “walking papers” message.

      • read your Bible, duhhhhhhhh …. “false prophets” don’t come to their senses or, walk away, i.e…. when have you known a “pimp” to walk away from (their) whores …. in the case of (the sheep) Christians, by nature are stupid …. will follow anybody ESPECIALLY (Democrats) Blacks …. NOTE: if President Obama ran again, Blacks would be all up his butt, AGAIN …. the cycle repeats, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results = INSANE PEOPLE … as you say, its “rhetorical” ….

      • I am an example of one that came to my senses. I was an Associate Pastor, preaching & teaching all the same garbage I speak out against now. I was just a few years from going out & starting my own “church.”
        BUT GOD!!!
        God asked me a question I could not answer & I left that system through 2 years of separation & prayer.
        It can be done & I have associates today that can make that same testimony.
        You are doing the same thing many people do, leave no room for God to do a “reset” in people’s lives.

      • NOOOO …. pastor is not an “Office” where you can >>> “starting my own church” and have (butt boys) associates as if you’re the (Bishop) leader …. James (Jerusalem), Titus (Crete) and Timothy (Ephesians) were the last of the Bishops, Ordained by the Apostles …. self-Ordination is forbidden, yes this would ALSO make you a false prophet perpetuating more foolish, whatevrrrrr testimonies …. P.S. there is no such thing as an Associate Pastor, its (contemporary) cute not Biblical …. I am done, ughhhhhhh ….

      • Am I missing something?
        I mentioned I was caught up in the lie & came out. I know there is no “office.” Just recounting the experience I went through and stating that there are many that “came out” from the lie. We have a special fellowship as like minded, followers of Christ w/o the shackles of churchianity. Our testimonies surround our experiences as pastors/ministers/etc & how God led us out to share our experiences in hopes that we can inspire others that have questions &/or doubts to “come out from among them.”

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