Thought for today – 07/01/2014

God, there is so much war, so much violence, so much conflict — too much. And it is the poorest and most vulnerable who suffer even more as a result: in displacement, in victimization, in loss of life. We lift up our brothers and sisters whose lives are most impacted by such circumstances. Bring peace to their lives, to their societies, to their worlds, Lord. And as we commit to walking with the poor, give us opportunities to stand with them and to stand for them. We pray all this in the name and power of the Prince of Peace, amen.


One response to “Thought for today – 07/01/2014

  1. Yes and amen for the world is suffering with alot troubles and for anti Christ forcess to destroy and be hinder for the truth in Christ and le the be new outpouring of the Holy Spirit to save and heal in big revival around the world in Jesus name ,thanks and bless and pray,kiejo sweden

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