I’m broadcasting live on the air!

I’m broadcasting live on the air!
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What did the believers that Paul wrote his letters of instruction, and in some cases, correction have to grow the fellowship by 3,000 and 5,000 and more. LET’S FIND OUT!
Friday 2/5/16 @ 10:00PM central

THOUGHT FOR TODAY – 10/08/2015

“As we will see, [God’s] discipline is his mercy… [W]e understand that the manna revolt and the discipline do not occur at the beginning of the Israelites’ journey. They have been rescued from a pursuing army at the Red Sea and rescued from their thirst and hunger with God’s provision in the desert…

“They are now nearing the gateway to the land promised to their forefathers. They are no longer at the beginning of their journey, yet they are still behaving like beginners. They seem no closer to actually trusting their God than at the beginning of the wilderness experience. Their repeated refrain remains, “We don’t trust you.”

“This is a critical point. The Israelites do not seem to have changed over the course of two years in the wilderness… the dissonant tune repeats itself over and over: ‘Hardship intended to build trust results instead in contemptuous complaint.’ The harsh discipline of the quail plague is not severity for its own sake — it is intended to dislodge the Israelites from the rut of their lethal, faith-destroying groove. As is true in our lives, here with the Israelites, God is at work to rescue.”
~ Jeff Manion, in his book The Land Between

THOUGHT FOR TODAY – 09/28/2015

“In his life Christ is an example, showing us how to live; in his death he is a sacrifice, satisfying for our sins; in his resurrection, a conqueror; in his ascension, a king; in his intercession, a high priest.”
~ Martin Luther


I am still a work in progress. I must admit to a level of impatience when it comes to sharing the freedom God has shown me when it comes to what the institutional “church” has done to the Body of Christ. (That is creating a body of anemic, powerless pew-sitters, that are spoon fed pablum and then repeat scriptures out of context, just like their “leaders,” while demonic spirits rule and reign in the very edifices they hold holy)….oops, I’m supposed to be apologizing with this post.

I just completed a broadcast where I used a few examples that I was later told could possibly be “offensive” to some in the Institutional Church (Hereafter referred to as “IC”.) I’m supposed to back-track and explain a little more why I said what I said because many of these “offended” people are so scripturally inept that THEY NEED A LITTLE HELP UNDERSTANDING BASIC BIBLICAL TRUTHS….oops, I’m supposed to be apologizing with this post.

My broadcast is an open forum and I encourage feedback during these sessions. Got a problem with what I said, bring it. Offended by what I said and/or post on social media, bring it; but don’t forget your Bible. I don’t want to hear what thus saith “Creflo-T.D.-Marvin-Rick-Joel-etc…” OR ANY OTHER TV CROOK…..oops, I’m supposed to be apologizing with this post.

Better yet, don’t “bring it;” we’re just gonna play “who interprets the Bible better” games and bring reproach to the Body of Christ.

Lord HELP ME!!!

THOUGHT FOR TODAY – 09/12/2015

“Both the Old and New Testaments affirm that God is immortal, invisible, immutable, and self-existent. He is not a created being and is not therefore subject to the laws of nature. He created those laws, and all of nature and the cosmos adhere to them. God the Creator is outside time and space and cannot be proved or disproved by science, but he has given us a record of himself in the testimony of the prophets and apostles and, most important, through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son.
“The good news is that there is a God and he is not silent. There is a Creator who made the world, a Creator who made it possible for us to communicate with him, and, through simple faith, to find answers to life’s most challenging questions. As more and more of us come to recognize this truth, the schools and colleges, and perhaps even the philosophy of science will have to change. And who knows where that could lead?”
~Jim Nelson Black, in his book The Death of Evolution

THOUGHT FOR TODAY – 09/04/2015

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary — the evil it does is permanent.”
~Indira Gandhi