Prayer & Praise

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”
Philippians 4:6, NLT.

I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.
1Timothy 2:8

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1Timothy 5:16-18

God cares about every situation, problem, difficulty, and need you face right now – big or small. We created this page because we care, too. We care about you and we are concerned about the things you are concerned about. We want to provide you with a quick and easy way to share your prayer requests and praise reports with us and with our readers so we can all stand together with you in agreement for the things you or the people you care about need – whether it is spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, or in the area of relationships.

We do not always receive the things we pray about. Sometimes we get answers, but they are not the answers we were expecting, or the answer is a long time coming. Sometimes we realize we prayed for the wrong thing, or had the wrong attitude. Or what we thought we needed we don’t need after all. But let us pray anyway, however imperfectly our prayers may be. God hears us whether our prayers are right or wrong, perfect or imperfect, spiritual or self-serving. The important thing is to come to Him in all honesty. He sees and knows our heart, even if we cannot always express ourselves correctly.

Feel free to use “anonymous” for your name if you prefer. An email address is required but will not be published.

Feel free to post your request again if you would still like people to pray.

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Thank you!

91 responses to “Prayer & Praise

  1. My grandson has been unwell since he was born in November 2016 with liver complications. currently he is in ICU. please pray for his healing he is in great pain the stomach is swollen. pray for the parents they are under going hell with sleepless nights accumulated bills which they can’t raise.

  2. Hello,
    Please pray to overcome for:
    0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ,
    0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12
    1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our
    daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24.15
    2. God’s will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God’s direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband),
    3. God’s order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.
    Edmund Krzeminski

  3. I need prayer that my husband will give up the drugs and be delivered by God.also for my marriage to be happy again. For my child to graduate and get her scholarship and for my family to be broken from a curse a lady put on us.
    Thank u
    God bless.

  4. Marjorie Vanessa Agye

    I have been sending prayer request because i need the hand of God in my life.I need to get my feet back on the relationship is on the verge of breakup,my friends talk to me anyhow sometimes insult me,and most inportantly i keep coming out with bad grades on this paper core mathematics.i wrote this paper again on the 12th of september,2015 and on the 29th of september,i had a terrible dream which showed sorrows about the paper i wrote.i see testimonies from people who worship with you.i pray the hand of God through you rests upon my laid out me kneel at the feet of the Lord for Grace upon all i have written here in Jesus Name.Amen

  5. Saint please prayer for us in south africa,for breakthrough,financial blessing.mark 9:23 in 672 block i,for miracles

  6. Nicholas Ng'ang'a


    Praise and give thanks to the Lord,my wife Edith has been released from prison!

    Please continue praying to God so that the court charges are dropped.



    “….And all nations will praise Him” -Isaiah 61:11

  7. Okay… right after I sent you the prayer I read this:

    In my distress I prayed to the Lord and the Lord answered me and rescued me. The Lord is for me, so I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? Yes, the Lord is for me; he will help me.
    Psalm 118:5-7 NLT

    Hi Vanessa,

    There is a young man, Jack, in great need of a supernatural encounter with our magnificent God. Jack is a college student doing well in school and battling depression, suicidal thoughts, and an eating disorder. We know that God is way bigger than any deceitful thoughts and attacks from the mind, flesh, or the enemy. We know that in Christ all is possible. Lets stand together and lift Jack to our almighty God and declare healing of body and soul and for his spirit-man to grow in strength as Holy Spirit fills him with the mind of Jesus Christ and blows new-life into him. Calling forth healing and a renewed mind and life from Heaven for Jack. In Jesus name. Amen

    Thank you.

  8. Vanessa Schergen

    Please pray for a family that is dealing with alcohol/substance abuse, and the dysfunction that accompanies it. Please pray that God’s will be done in this family. That they and their families have compassion, patience, encouragement and strength for one another just as He has with us. There is love in this family. Please pray for God’s protection of the adults and kids. Please pray that God move on the hearts and minds of their families to listen to wise counsel and a desire to do God’s will.

    Thank you.

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  10. Hi my name is Marlene.Please pray for god to bless me with a godly man.God must bless me with marriage.God must touch my womb and bless me with pregnancy.God must bless me with a good home and a lifetime of joy and happiness.Thank you.
    Sent from my BlackBerry®

    • Herman McleaN

      Marlene I am praying for you in the name of Jesus. Be encouraged for the Lord our God have great things in store for you.I decree and declare in the name of Jesus according to Isaiah 53:5 that by HIs stripes you are healed from every physical and emotional wound and illness in Jesus name. Continue to give Him praise and the glory for the great thing God is about to do in your life. For the God that we serve is Able!

  11. Please pray with full expectation of success for Cheri Black.
    Tomorrow she will undergo round 2 of chemo.
    The Power of prayer can change the world.

    I just received this brief update from her.

    Reaching out to my good friends again to especially help me through this next hurdle. I just learned that my 2nd chemo treatment will last about 6 hours starting around 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning Tuesday 19th (I was already in the hospital for the first one so didn’t keep track of the time; thot it was much shorter).
    The first treatment (Jan 28) made me very tired, with no appetite and with a mental state that was ‘unclear and rather overwhelmed’ for about a week. This eased over the next two weeks with just a lingering lower back ache that also eased over time.
    I’ve been incorporating only the eating of green juice, sorrel and chaparral tea, certain raw vegetables and fruits, a few grains, kangen water, supergreen powder and ph drops mixed in water, targeting 6-8 cups of liquid each day . I’m expecting this is going to help me be much stronger for this chemo barage. The nurse
    I thank you so much for heightening your prayers and healing positive energy for me during this week and the ongoing journey
    Love and gratitude,

  12. michelle m triska

    PRAY GOD HEALS MY FUNCTIONal PROBLEM IN MY BODY CAUSING GAS/FLATUENCE FROM PILLS THE PSYCHIATRIST GAVE ME…AND I GIVE MY LIFE OVER TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.. AND HE HEALS MY BODY..and tell god to give me a life with friends love health, and protection, ask him to give me life and life more abuntantly. pray that he heals my hernia, body producing gas, discomfort, bad digestion, bubble feeling, depression, and he makes me smart, beautiful, and well liked and respected. pray he takes my past and burns it and gives me a brighter future..and sends all evil back to the source and bring me physical healing , and not let any human being touch my life anymore or psychiatrist or man, pray all hurt harm god heals and brings better things than that the best , and blesses me and moves for me in jesus name for a testimony…

    • Herman McleaN

      I pray that you are doing fine Michelle in Jesus Name. I decree and declare according to Philippians 4:6-7, I speak peace to all anxiety, depression, neurosis, psychosis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain syndromes; all bipolar; all obsessive – compulsive and post -traumatic stress disorders, and I command their power to be broken from your life in Jesus Name. Shout Hallelujah!!!



  14. Vanessa Schergen

    Aunt Ruby – found out today that she has had several small strokes. The problem lies on her brain stem. She needs an angiogram/plasty. However, the doctor is concerned that this could be very dangerous. PLEASE guide my Uncle and cousins as they need to make a decision. We know that God answers prayer and He has the power to heal and to comfort. Please pray that they experience God’s peace as they choose to do His will.

    Young man and his family – please pray for a young man experiencing great difficulty in his life. Please also pray for his parents. They are a God-fearing, miracle-believing family. God knows their needs and desires. Please pray that they see God’s will in choices that may need to be made, that they feel God’s presence and strength as they live their lives, and that they not lose hope. Our hope IS in the Lord!

    R and L – please continue to pray that R’s innocence will be brought to light, and that the perpetrators will stop their attempts to discredit him and hurt their family. The entire family is experiencing great emotional pain. But our God is higher than any arrows from Satan. Our God is a God of truth and light. Darkness has no place in the Light. Praise God.

    J – please pray for continued healing of the heart and body. Our God is awesome and can disintegrate years of pain and bitterness, and fill us with His sweet love and forgiveness.

    Bob and Adriana – Following is Adriana’s request:

    If you find it in your heart I would appreciate if you stand firm in prayer for Bob. He is under chains, captivated by the lies of the enemy and having thoughts and actions of a slow suicide.

    I know that many may think that this is an old story and Bob is not intentionally walking with God and seek deliverance. Yet we have the Lord of the universe to come in prayer in the name of Jesus and stand in the gap for Bob and his deliverance. As I wrote to some brothers and sisters a few weeks ago: “Let us put on LOVE and start building each other up. It is not easy. It is our earthbound nature to give up. When we listen with earthly ears we justify “I tried for many years. . . She/he is beyond rescuing… I’m tired of reaching out nothing changes… I was offended by him/her…” Imagine if our Lord would take our attitude… Thank God His love is perfect, unconditional, endures forever, and He loves even when we walk away from Him, because brothers and sisters THAT IS HIS NATURE.” We have His Nature in us, His DNA, and we abide to His sound.

    As his wife, at times I feel the frustration of many years of Bob’s captivity. As the daughter of the most High King and the sister of the most loving glorious brother, Jesus the Christ, I know that prayer is of most importance. Perseverance through all of this trials is a gift from God. He will be delivered with, through, or of this captivity not because of us or because of Bob but because God is good and faithful and He will complete the good works he started in Bob.

    Pray for me, that I accept and jump into this season of gentleness towards my husband. I love you all, Peace is in God and Heaven is here, He is in us.

    There are so many needs in our own lives and the lives of those around us. Please lift them in prayer.

  15. Vanessa Schergen

    D – had outpatient surgery today. please pray that she heal quickly and know that God has her in His hands.

    Bob – is doing well and desiring life over death as he draws closer to God. please pray that God’s hand be over his recovery.

    Sandra – She lives in Buenos Aires and experiencing warfare. She was robbed recently. All of her work, in the computer and her back ups were stolen. She does not have much money and her independent work is very important for the support of her family. May God protect her and we know He will restore what the locust has eaten. May she find more work and supply an even better computer. God is Truth and He is the keeper of His promises. He will restore her, provide for her, and sustain her. He covers her with the blood of Jesus. Amen.

    Sali – has multiple sclerosis. Please pray for healing, strength, and flexibility.

    Christina – that God would open her eyes to have a more positive outlook on life.

    Hector, Lucy, family and friends – please pray for comfort and healing after Hector’s wife, and Lucy’s sister Diana, recently has gone Home.

    T & J – that they turn to God for guidance and healing in their marriage and their lives.

    Matt Sr – for guidance as doctors remove cataract and for quick healing. Also that the cataract in his good eye not progress, but instead that it would diminish.

    AS OF 21:00, 20 SEPTEMBER 2011 CST

    They have a liver donor for Diana.

    Surgery is right now.


    Thank you. Thank you,

    Praise Him.

  17. 9/19/11 Prayer List

    child – died recently from a 1 1/2 yr battle with brain tumor

    Sara – She is in need of prayer for her sister. The sister has been going through a hard time, with drugs and has been involved with prostitution.

    Diana – PRAISE GOD!!! Her kidneys are doing well. She’s been in the hospital for a month. We are still relying on God for healing — be it a liver transplant, or whatever He decides.

    Grisalda – young girl, has been dealing with cancer since she was 5 years old. She will be 15 soon, and all she would like is to have a fifteenth birthday party. She is in a contest. please pray for her.

    Marnee – for physical healing and strength

    Mrs. Schereck – for quick healing from knee surgery and that the pain would decrease

    M and S – that M would be patient to learn how to communicate and not turn to anger or drinking; that God would direct S in dealing with M. Please confess a hedge of protection around them.

    T – that God would guide him as he puts himself out into the world to sell his goods. That he would see that God is real, and that He really cares.

    V – for proper diagnosis. Healing in hands and toes.

    MG – for peace and patience as God prepares the mate he has planned for her.

    Kathy – for continued strength

    Military and families – for protection, guidance, and peace.

  18. Vanessa Schergen

    God is faithful to Give us the desires of our hearts… He does not withhold any good thing to them that walk uprightly before Him.

    Marilyn – was just put into hospice for a brain tumor. Her daughter says she is failing fast. The request is that you pray that Marilyn doesn’t suffer long. Also pray for Lynn, her daughter Teresa and Lynns son Bobby, that they have the strength to go through this all after losing their grandpa(Marilyn’s husband) not quite yet 2 years ago.

    Marilyn – recuperating from hernia surgery. Please pray for quick healing, and that she is able to rest peacefully.

    A Woman – experiencing pain and swelling in fingers. Has gone through extensive blood testing and mri, and will be seeing a rheumatologist this week for a diagnosis. Pray for wisdom as the doctor diagnoses the problem and suggests treatment. Pray that she remember Who her Healer is.

    Chris’ Mom – passed away today. Please pray for comfort for her and her family.

    RZ’s family – this family has experienced several deaths in the past year — some associated with drugs and alcohol. Please pray for this family, not only for comfort as they mourn another death last week, but also that their eyes would be opened to the problems of addiction.

    Lindsay’s family – another death in this family. Please pray for comfort.

  19. Vanessa Schergen

    “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”
    ~Romans 8:28 (NASB)

    Diana and Hector – The doctors have declined Ana’s request to be a liver donor for Diana. Diana still needs a donor with O positive blood. None of us know how and when God will work this out, but please praise Him for what He has already done and all that He is about to do. God is faithful; He will not let us down. Please pray for the extra strength and encouragement that Diana and Hector, and their families, need to keep their eyes and hearts looking to their Provider. Ask that God move on His people to support them in whatever ways they need support.

    A woman – diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. Pray that she not lose heart, to remember that He has always taken care of her. A doctor’s diagnosis is just his opinion; it is not God’s diagnosis. Please pray that God guide her in caring for herself: body, mind and spirit.

    Vanessa – needs God’s guidance in searching for the right job. God directed her to go to school; so, He has a plan for her. Pray that she follow God’s will.

    Matt and Vanessa – looking for a second car. Please pray that we rely on God’s wisdom as we check out vehicles. He has always taken care of us in the past; He will take care of us in the future.

    thank you,

  20. Vanessa Schergen

    Viv – please pray for this woman and her family. Her niece was killed in a shooting on Friday. On the same day her cousin died after battling with cancer. God is still on the throne.

    Nikki’s grandfather – had surgery today due to a ruptured appendix. He is a pastor of a church. Nikki is very close to him — her father just died about a year or so ago.
    She is not a Christian. I’m sure I don’t even need to ask you to pray that she see God’s love and care in all of this.

    Kevin – please pray for continued healing, that the doctors and family will be amazed at how much he has regained.

    • Anson Phillip replied to “Prayer & Praise”

      Viv – Lord I pray that you would not only comfort but restore the faith of this woman in you. If her sorrow is too much to bear Father restore back to her one of those who has past away I pray in your name so that you may be glorified. Amen.

      We simply pray for her grandfather’s restoration spiritually and otherwise but first forgive us our sins and cleanse us from unrighteous poison against others and purge us oh Lord and so may Nikki pray for him and turn to you in Jesus name amen.

      Kevin Oh Father we pray fro the healing in Kevin’s inward parts at this hour in your name and thank you amen.

      Shalom and God be with you, keep sending these prayers and supplications. Shalom.

  21. Vanessa Schergen

    Please pray for

    Diana H – Her possible liver donor was rejected. Of course, that is hard to hear because we all put our hope into that possibility. But isn’t that part of our problem? I put my hope into Ana as the donor, the medical staff to make it all happen, and the tests to prove it all. However, God knows what he’s doing. I don’t know if He will provide another donor or just heal Diana instantly. But what I realized yesterday was that I need to keep my eyes, my hope, in Him and not in what I see around me. He will provide. Why? Because He is faithful and has ALWAYS provided for His children.

    Tonight we will have prayer at church specifically for Diana. Though you may not physically be there, please join with us to pray for Diana. Thank you.

    U.S. Armed Forces – please pray for our armed forces, and for the families of those Navy Seals that died this week.


    Kathy P – PRAISE GOD. When they performed the surgery they were surprised at what they didn’t find!!!!!! God is good.

    Ashley & Gio – PRAISE GOD. They have a healthy baby boy!!!

    Kathy F – PRAISE GOD. After all Kathy has been through, told she should have died many times, instead she danced in church — AGAIN !!! Woo Hoo !!! God is good.

  22. Vanessa Schergen

    A Grandmother – she had a stroke last night. They are unable to do any testing yet because of other meds she is on.
    Good news is she is able to speak and can remember events from last week. God is good. Let’s confess His healing and guidance.

    Lindsay, Rolando and Rena were supposed to be leaving for England tomorrow. But now everything may be cancelled due to this situation.
    Please pray for God’s wisdom in cancelling/re-arranging plans.

    Shakiyah – Mark’s fiance’s young daughter was in a car accident in Florida. So far she seems fine. Please pray for complete health.

    Chris’ Mom – suffered congestive heart failure. Seems to be feeling weaker and doctors say surgery not possible. Please pray for continued strength and healing.

    Patsy’s Mom – suffers from Parkinson’s, which is affecting her brain, behavior. Please pray for healing.

    Jayden – just over 24 hours old !! Ashley & Gio’s baby. Pray for clean test results. Praise God he is a beautiful baby boy.

    Pam – thank God she has come through a serious kidney infection.

    MS – needs a crown and possibly an implant. Please pray that God guide her and her dentist/surgeon in making wise choices. Also please pray that God provide her with the finances necessary.

    Mateo – Thank you for your prayer for healing of his Achiles tendon. It is doing better day by day. He still needs to stay off of it for a few more days. Please also pray that he will have a job when he is ready to physically go back to work. God is good and has provided for him over and over again.

  23. keijo leppioja

    Thank you. I am so many time troubles for false doctrine and many persons of strongholds who will keep in this wrong the faith,so pray and fight with me that this deception will fall down in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,

  24. Vanessa Schergen

    Praise and glory to God for this beautiful weather, good friends, and our good health!


    Pastor Pam praise report: a while ago someone asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said “I want a liver” for my sister Diana. Man no longer has what I need. God alone can give me this gift. For several years I’ve watched people receive healings of cancer, strangulated hernias and restored relationships. All along I also watched my dear sister get sicker and sicker…yet I know my king who took the stripes for her healing. The search for family donors etc began and there was no candidate — sometimes we must acknowledge that even family does not have what we need. Diana and all of us refuse to waver. We know God’s love, power and will to heal. Today, one day before my birthday I was told that it is almost 100 percent certain that a donor is available and willing and will be announced soon. I am aware WHO the donor is as she is one of my best friends on earth. I have known this might happen for about a month but now it is all too real!!!!! I want to thank God and express my gratitude and humble thanks to him and my loving friend who is about to give me and Diana and Christian Fellowship Church and Jesus her gift of love. I have never been this happy in my life since the day I was born!!! I love you God and to my friend…no words can say but I think you know. Much love!!!! His servant Pam Kacys

    Diana has been awaiting a liver transplant / donor. Also please pray for guidance and success as a fundraiser is coordinated to help out with all of this. Pray that the family and friends not lose heart. We have all seen God move mightily at times and in situations that were impossible but nothing is impossible for our God.

    Anna is about to go through one last test to see if she is a “perfect match” as a liver donor for Diana. Please pray for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength. This last test, a biopsy, is no small test and may require a time of recuperation. Anna has several children — one is an infant. Someone will be taking care of her two youngest children. Others will be making dinners or doing whatever her and Diana’s families may need. I know that each person reading this already has so many thoughts on how to pray. I pray that God lead each of us in our prayer.

    Mateo – The weekend of father’s Day he was laid off. The next day he tore his achilles tendon.
    He has a soft cast on with a boot. He is supposed to be off the foot for 4 – 6 weeks. He has applied for unemployment.
    He wants to apply for some jobs but is concerned that if they see his foot in a cast they won’t want to hire him.
    He has some side jobs lined up but he needs to stay off the leg. He is still experiencing pain and discomfort.
    He has asked for prayer because he knows prayer works. Please pray that he heal quickly, that he take care of himself, and that the next job will be on its way.

    … in His power there is victory — victory over unemployment, physical ailments, and circumstances that are out of our control.

    A wonderful friend – will be undergoing lung surgery this week. God has proven His faithfulness in her life over and over and over again. When doctors have had only negative things to say, God had only positive things to show. Please pray for continued healing, and strength. God is good.

    Chris’ Mom – please pray for healing. She is just out of the hospital

    Ashley – expecting a baby. Please pray for physical comfort.

    Art Hergen – in the hospital, with heart problems.

    Adriana and Bob – Please keep praying for us, for our marriage, to let God move from the inside out and for us to allow His river of living water to bring life to us. Abstinence is the first step to start living a sober life, it is the start of a journey. May we choose to live this new journey walking with God.

    Praise the Lord for working in us through His Holy Spirit, giving us strength and loyalty to keep our commitments through thick and thin, through calm times and times of turmoil. That He does not give up on us and in His power there is victory — victory over addiction, depression, anger, unemployment, and circumstances that are out of our control.


    Eric – 3 yrs old diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. Doctors were ready to diagnose him as Stage 4 …. then ….. the cancer was gone! There are no words

    J & T and family – please pray that God guide this entire family. They need discernment as they discuss if and what actions need to be taken or words to be spoken. Pray that eyes are opened and hearts are softened to see what needs to be seen. Pray for physical and emotional healing, patience, forgiveness, compassion, and wisdom.
    … in His power there is victory — victory over addiction, depression, anger, and circumstances that are out of our control.

    Dan T and Keith K and all our military – pray for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

    Thanks to Frank for the following words of wisdom.

    “In all His dispensations God is at work for our good.
    In prosperity, He tries our gratitude;
    in mediocrity, our contentment;
    in misfortune, our submission;
    in darkness, our faith;
    under temptation, our steadfastness;
    and at all times, our obedience and trust in Him.”

  25. Vivian Morris

    Please call these saints name out when you pray:
    Believing God for complete healing in their bodies:
    Apostle Aaron Royster, brother Calybon, Mother Maddox, Apostle Donald Anderson, Sister Rosa Anderson, Apostle Chuck Clayton, Brother Doyle Myles, Apostle James Brown, Pastor Katherine Avant as well as her sisters, Bishop Corneal Harper, James and Jannie Heard and family

    Safe and productive summer for all the youth in and out of school
    President Obama and Family
    The United States of America
    All the leaders in government
    Peace in Iraq and Afghanistan
    The Collier Family

    Let us all continue to pray for each other the abundant life and health.

    Blessing to each of you, Sister Morris

  26. Vivian Morris

    Good morning Intercessors:
    Please continue to pray for Debra Jones and Katherine Stavall, and add Janice Heard, and myself, Vivian Morris to your prayers.  We are praying a miracle healing for these people.  God is always blessing, all the time He is healing.  We have what we ask.  Ask in Jesus name it it shall be give unto you.  Seek Him and you will find Him.  Let us keep knocking so the door will stay open.
    Love and blessings to each of you.
    Sister Vivian Morri

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  28. Prayer Request: Please lift my sister in law cynthia and her 2 children in prayer and she is facing a very ugly cudtody battle and divorce.. this is just getting ugly for her and she could really use your prayers support… Please keep her and her children in your prayers… Thank you from the bottom of my hart..

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  30. Vanessa Schergen

    Please pray for

    Shannon – This young lady has already experienced the loss of one pregnancy and now may be pregnant again with complications.
    Please keep her in prayer, that she keep her eyes on our Healer and Comforter.

    John – this young man is struggling with alcohol and drugs. We know he is in God’s hands. Pray that he allow himself to melt into God’s loving arms.
    God has all the strength, endurance, patience, love and forgiveness that he needs — that we all need. Also, the family will be gathering to see what they can do.
    Please pray for guidance and wisdom.

    A & B – This couple has experienced so many difficulties and yet A continues to hold onto the Only One who can comfort and heal them.
    Please pray for continued strength, for peace, and that God will open B’s eyes and heart to a refreshed life in Him.

    Diana – please continue to pray for healing, that they not lose heart, and that they receive the live donor she needs. They are looking for someone with O positive blood for a possible donor match.

    Isabelle and Gladys – need healing.

    thank you,

  31. Vanessa Schergen

    6/2 URGENT prayer request:

    A woman and her unborn baby. For some time now she has been suffering black outs due to low blood sugar and now her life and the babies life are in danger. Pray for her life and the life of the baby. Thank you so much

    Also, please pray for Pam. She is recuperating from oral surgery and experiencing pain. However, she didn’t feel any pain during the surgery or when they were giving her injections!! …God is faithful!!!

  32. Vanessa Schergen

    Isabelle – had the flu and a bad reaction to medication. She has gone to the hospital.

    Diana – Needs a liver transplant. Please pray for a donor. Also please pray for physical, emotional and spiritual strength for her, her husband and her family.

    Ms. Wade – her appendix has ruptured. Pray for healing

    Kathy F and family – Kathy is still recovering but doing better everyday. She hopes that she will be able to leave the hospital soon to come home (been hospitalized for over a year).
    In the past 2 months her mother and her husband’s mother have passed. Please pray for continued strength.

    Brenda – has breast cancer. her surgery date is May 16. please believe with me for God’s healing and above all her salvation.

    T – doesn’t believe in God. The seeds were planted long ago. He WILL return to God.

    Vanessa – needs to watch her cholesterol and continue exercising for good health.
    Also, needs to fight distraction from time with God.

    M – union is striking as of today. They don’t want their benefits and pay taken away. Please pray that God guide them in all of this.

    MG – that she continue to take in God’s peace and comfort. He has a plan for her.


    Due to the power of prayer, one woman made it through a brain tumor, and another woman through breast cancer.
    God is good even when we don’t even deserve it. His mercies are new every morning.

    “Just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”
    ~Colossians 2:6-7

  33. Vivian Morris

    Hello Intercessors:

    Hope you had a blessed holiday. Please put my niece Angela Hunter in your prayers. She had several test taken and is awaiting results. Believe God with me for her total healing.

    Thanks and God bless each of you.

    Vivian Morris

  34. I am so many time in distress for the fight against falce doctrine,pray fo rme and victory from this all ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

    • Frank Coleman

      We are agreeing with you in prayer that the Lord will grant you the discernment to separate the wheat from the chaff as far a doctrine is concerned.
      It is done! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  35. Vivian Morris

    Hello Intercessors:

    Haven’t had to send out anything for a while. God is good. Please put Brother Doyle Myles and Rosita Davis in your prayers. Let us touch and agree for complete healing.

    Blessings on your all
    Sister Vivian Morris

  36. Please pray for Anton and Terri in the loss of Terri’s father. He passed away this morning. There will be no funeral services here in Chicago.

  37. Hello incessors:

    Please put Elisha Silas in your prayers, he had a motor cycle accident and there was trama to the brain.

    Be blessed.

  38. Hello my brothers and sisters in the Lord:

    Please put my sister Yvonne Hunter in your prayers. She is in the hospital diagnosed with pneumonia.

    Thanks for praying.

  39. Hello prayer warriors:

    Please put Therse Bates on your prayer list to be uplifted in prayer for her three daughters, rebillion also put Mr. Walker on the prayer list for complete recomplete recovery in his body.

    Thank you all for praying for Antwone Johnson in having one of his kidney’s removed he is doing very good. Thank you also for praying for William Champion in the receiving of a kidney he is doing well.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

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  41. Vivian Morris

    Please add baby Darria Pickett to your prayers. She has upper respiratory problems. Thanks for your prayers.
    God Bless.

  42. Vivian Morris

    Hello prayer warriors:

    Please put Antwone Johnson on your prayer list. He is having surgery as I send this email out to you. Let us thank God for using the surgeon and Mr. Johnson’s full recovery.

    God Bless each of you.

    Sister Morris.

  43. Vanessa Schergen


    Please pray for Wayne. He was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday.
    He is in his 70’s and accustomed to being self-sufficient and independent.
    Please pray that he listen to God’s wisdom in taking good care of himself.

    Thank you,

    Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    phillippians 4:6-7

  44. Vanessa Schergen

    Praise God before we see the manifestation of our prayers.
    He is Jehovah Jirah, our Provider.

    Mateo – please pray that God guide him in a decision he needs to make TODAY about his employment. God has proven Himself over and over again in this area for Mateo. Employed or unemployed God has provided for every need. Pray that Mateo expect that God WILL show him what to do.

    Bob and Adriana – From Adriana for her husband Bob: “My Friends in Christ, as I am writing to you Bob is checking in the Hospital for detox which will be followed by intense outpatient treatment. I am asking, if it is impressed in your heart, to keep us in your prayers. I do pray that Bob will find our wonderful, powerful, forgiving, amazing God. That He will come face to face with His Son Jesus and allows the marvelous and amazing power of the Holy Spirit to come into his heart. Please pray for me that I will be able to extend grace and find comfort in God’s mercy and love. I strongly believe in the power of prayer and that the only one that would bring deliverance to our circumstances is our Almighty God, Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My friends thank you for all your prayers, and rides, and encouragement, and for being in our lives.

    Diana M – needs healing

    Kathy F – praise God Kathy is able to get out to church !!!!!

    Kathy P – praise God even in the midst of chemo treatments etc etc, God keeps blessing Kathy with strength and we are all blessed !!!

    R & D – pray for peace and guidance in their household

    D & K – pray for peace and forgiveness, that God soften hearts.

    Please continue for all the families who have experienced the loss of a loved one this past year
    Ron Schereck, Pat Soto, Anna Lopez, Kathy’s mom, and many others that you know

    Thank you.

  45. Scriptural Meditation:
    1Jo 5:19 [And] we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.
    Hag 2:7 And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.

    Intercessors for the Nations: Pray that the current shaking around the nations will usher in the desire of the nations, and the church will be filled with His glory.

    Japan – please continue to pray for Japans recovery over the Tsunami and earthquake and nuclear disaster. Pray for urgent divine intervention over every nuclear reactor from leaking radiation. Pray for the safety of the technicians working in the reactors. Pray for urgent food supplies and urgent distributions in affected areas.

    New zeland: pray for the recovery of this nation from the devastating February earthquake.

    Arab Nations Boiling: please pray over Arab nations that are currently embroiled in political demonstrations and skirmishes. Pray for peaceful change – yes it is possible as the desire of all nations touch the heart of despots and tin pot dictators and their family members. Some dynasties in these nations have long expired but for tradition, religion and fear. Pray for peaceful change where change is necessary. Pray that the gospel will penetrate into these nations with every occurrence.

    Ivory Coast Million Refugees:
    Continue to pray for divine intervention in this country. Except the Lord intervenes, this stalemate will end in blood bath. The international communities have been diverted from Ivory Coast because of many events that erupted from other nations. The Libya type of military intervention is necessary in this country. The AU military command cannot execute such a plan for obvious reasons – many African nations are engaged in internal activities that will require the involvement of their security forces. Pray for divine power of conflict resolution will be released over Ivory Coast.

    Nigerian Election:
    There are wide spread fear, suspicion, distrust and stockpiling of weapons among rival groups in Nigeria in preparation for the forth coming election. The way things are going in Nigeria among political parties, it is difficult to decipher if this election will be April Pool as popularly known or April fool as some suspect. Violence is escalating. A breakdown of law and order in Nigeria will marked the worlds worst disaster because of the disorganized nation of the country.

    Please join me in prayer again that peace and decorum will reign in Nigeria and among the political groups. Pray for all security agencies that will be involved in this election that they will be on top of the situation from this moment. Please this is my country and I need your urgent assistance in this regard.

    Politics has become the biggest industry in Nigeria, with much money concentrated at the center and every one is scrambling to get a share by all means. Corruption has over taken industrial and population growth. I know that God is able to intervene in Nigeria. He has done it many times and will do it again.

    Family Intercession: Please pray for the following family members and ask the Lord to scatter every secret attack against them:
    Melum, Dima, Adamaka, Stanley and Mascilina, Tochukwu and Chijioke. Please pray the blood of Jesus around them and over their family.

    Sister Grace, Kenya – please pray over the project she is currently handling, that the Lord will grant her favor and grace for timely completion. Pray for provision of resources.

    Sister Anne and Reyan, Canada: Please pray that God will send urgent help to Reyan where he is now and release grace and miracle to Sister Anne by intervening in the life of Reyan.

    Brother Onu, Canada: wife is currently involved in critical appointments. Please pray for divine favor and ask the Lord to remove every obstacles.

    Pastor Amakor: Please pray protection and guidance over Victor, Victoria, Vincent and Valentine. Pray that they will be filled with wisdom to excel in their academic pursuits. Your prayers are making so much difference in the lives of this kids.

    Ronke and Victor, USA – please pray protection and grace over mother and child. Pray that every attack against them from any source will fail.

    Thank you for being in prayer and have a blessed weekend.

    Pastor Amakor
    Phone: 234-8033491477

  46. Good morning Prayer Warriors:

    Keep my niece, Debbie Hunter up in prayer. She is going for surgery this afternoon, Friday, March 18th. Believe God with me that He will guide the doctors hands, and she will have a speedy recovery. God will do the rest.

    For He was bruised for our inquities, the chastisement of His peace is upon us and by His stripes Debbie is healed.

    We know that healing is the childrens bread, He said, we should prosper and be in GOOD health.
    Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers Debbie out of them all.”

    “For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord.

    Thank you all for your prayers.
    Sister Vivian

  47. Pray for me this week as I work on my sermon for Sunday, so that I will give God Words to the people thanks

  48. Hello Intercessors:

    Please put Debbie Hunter in your prayers. She is in the hospital and we are believing God for total and complete healing. “For He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and with His stripes she is healed.” He also said, He wish above all that we prosper and be in good heath. Agree with me that by His stripes she is healed in Jesus name.

    Sister Vivian

  49. Scriptural Meditation:
    Mat. 24:7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
    Mat. 24:8: All these are the beginning of sorrows.

    Personal Thought: the upheavals in Islamic nations and 10/40 windows appears very strategic and a harbinger of the appearance of Anti-Christ. The stage is getting set daily. Please pray that the Church will wake up. Pray that the virgins will not be outside when it all happens and the bridegroom comes. Pastor Amakor

    Country Intercession:
    Please lift up the following countries before the Lord. Pray that the peace which only the Prince of Peace gives will flood these nations. Pray that the government of these nations will be upon his shoulder. Pray that every crisis in these nations will receive divine intervention.

    Japan – Just suffered a devastating Tsunami triggered by an earth quake. Hundreds have been confirmed dead and bodies recovered. Rescue effort are continuing. Please pray that the Japanese nation will receive divine encouragement, and for the Lord to penetrate this nation with the gospel at such a time like this. Pray for families that have lost loved ones, that the Lord will console them.

    Libya – fighting is raging in the country of Libya. The government of Libya is killing its own citizen it is supposed to protect. Please pray for urgent divine intervention. Pray that the Holy Spirit will intervene and stem the tide of killing and carnage going on in that nation. As you may know, Gadaffi is highly unstable psychologically, pray that God will grant him wisdom to handle this situation. Pray that God will touch the heart of this emperor to step down.

    Ivory Coast – Africa: the number of refugee in this country is increasing on daily basis, presently put at more than 450,000 who have been displaced because of the intransigence of one dictator. Please pray for divine intervention and urgent resolution of this crisis. Please the blood of Jesus over the brain of President Gbagbo – that God will tame the tension around his head and heart now. Pray for all involved in this conflict for God to touch their heart for urgent resolution of the crisis.

    Nigeria: Please again, pray for the forth coming election in Nigeria. Our nation needs urgent divine intervention. I read in a newspaper today that corruption has overtaken poverty in Nigeria. It is a plague among the politicians. No one is aspiring to serve the people but they are looking for positions that can help them steal and amass wealth that their unborn generation cannot exhaust. Politicians who wants to perform are stymied by the corrupt ones among them. It is being feared that corruption and desperate politicians may mar the forth coming election. Please pray for divine intervention. Any mistake in this election will spell a catastrophe greater than the Asian Tsunami. A political problem in Nigeria will shake Africa and the world. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will cage satanic agents among the politicians. Pray that there will be no blood shedding during the election and when the result is being compiled. The President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has blown a trumpet to the politicians – that he does not need anyone’s blood to win this election.

    Other Requests:
    Camille Murray – Please pray for her healing, and ask the Lord to repel every reinforcement against prayers being offered for her. Pray for her father, Rev Murray and the entire family. That God will grant them grace to stand until victory is attained.

    Pastor Amakor: Please pray against any power sitting on the testimony and manifestation of great grace upon the life of the pastor. Pray protection around him. Pray that God will endue him with anointing for exploit in such a time as this.

    Thank you for praying for the nations.

    Pastor Amakor
    Open Heaven Intercessors
    Phone: 234-8033491477

  50. Vivian Morris

    Good morning Prayer Warriors; Please put my cousin on your prayer list, her brother passed this morning.


  51. Prayer Request for the Church:
    Please pray that church leaders and members will continue to be focused on the  return of the Lord. Pray that the Lord will release more laborers into the vine year.  He is coming back soon, I strongly feel so in my heart.
    Prayer Requests:
    Please pray for the following individuals and families that the Lord will visit them mightily this year:
    Brother Marc Finch, USA
    Sister Ronke Adeyemo, USA
    Sister Anne Jones, Canada
    Sister Grace, Kenya
    Onu Uke, Canada
    Sister Peace, Nigeria
    Brother Ayo Oduayo, UK
    Sister Dima, Nigeria
    Sister Lisa Lindsey, USA
    Rev. Murray, USA
    Mother Lillian Clark, USA
    Prayer Requests for Pastor Amakor’s children
    Please pray for my children who are in the University, that God will protect them from attack from campus cultists. Cover their lives and brain with the Blood of Jesus. They are
    Victor Amakor – 3rd year
    Victoria Amakor – 4th year
    Vincent Amakor, 1st year.
    Prayer Request for Pastor Amakor:
    Pray that every power withholding the miracles, testimonies and blessing of pastor Amakor and the ministry will be exposed and disgraced.  Stand strong against python spirit: that the Lord will subdue these illegal forces the enemy is using against the ministry. Rebuke the Queen of heaven from interfering with our ministry and answers to our prayers.   Pray over the Pastors health, that the healing balm of heaven will continue to flow into his life.
    Country Intercession:
    The situation around the world is not getting any better. Upheavals are erupting around the nations of the world. Of interest to us is the 10/40 windows. Nations whose door was securely locked against the gospel are shaking and doors are opening.  Please pray that the gospel will penetrate these nations at this point in time.  Pray for missionaries and mission agencies that the Lord will guide them and provide them resources to carry the message of salvation to these ones who have been behind the iron curtains for decades.
    Nigeria: Please pray for Nigeria that the election of April 2011 will be credible, peaceful and produce God fearing candidates.  No politician in our nations Nigeria is righteous or fit to rule by divine standard, but there are God-fearing ones among them. Pray that God will enthrone them.
    Thank you for being in prayer as always.
    Pastor Amakor
    Phone: 234-8033491477

  52. Vivian Morris

    Prayer needed for Sis. Marsha Harvey(Cheryl Banks-Hayes sister)
    Marsha was admitted to Abington Hospital this morning. Discovered a lump in her throat. Touch and Agree
    as she undergoes tests . Thank you Mother Wilcox

  53. Vanessa Schergen

    “I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy.
    Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.” ~Psalm 116: 1-2

    Our God knows every need here, spoken and unspoken. He is a God that heals and restores. He is our God that answers prayer. He our God of miracles…Nothing is impossible for Him! Our faith is not in the economy or in man but in our God who loves His children and wants the very best for us! His promises are yes and amen!!! (shared by a sister in Christ)

    Peter – Give thanks to God! He just got a part-time job while he’s still in school — unemployment just ran out in January. God’s timing is perfect.

    JM – needs an infilling of the Holy Spirit.

    Young man and woman – Please pray for a young man and woman whose father was murdered recently. Also pray for his ex-wife.

    Rudy – Lici’s grandfather in the hospital this past weekend for his heart. They’re going to put a monitor on him for the next month to see what’s going on but they said most likely he’ll need a pace maker. Pray for healing!!!

    Alicia and Hazel – healing

    A & M – may God open their hearts to the all the abundance that He our Lord can provide. That A & M find a spiritual church home.

    Lea – may God provide wisdon and guidance to those involved involved with the real estate situation.

    BJG – His fiance broke off their engagement. Please pray for acceptance, healing, hope, & forgiveness. Please ask God to quiet his mind & make his heart peaceful.

    D & K – pray that they sense God speaking to them; that their hearts soften to forgive one another and themselves; and that God show them the way to healing.

    Jill H – healing for her body & mind.

    WCV – ask God quiet his fears about a friend’s chronic illness.

    Joe – Leslie’s cousin feel off a ladder a few weeks ago. He had severe damage to his neck and spinal cord. Surgery is set for the 26th at 9am. Please pray for healing and comfort, and also that God guide the doctors, surgeons, nurses, staff.

    J – in rehab for alcohol abuse. Please pray for him, his wife and family. He and his family need strength. Praise God he made the decision on his own to do this. Any of you familiar with addiction know that everyone is affected by this disease. Please pray for ALL of his family: wife, kids, siblings, parents, friends, etc.

    Bob – is considering going back to Outpatient Treatment for his addiction. Let us pray for Bob that he will surrender to God’s love and mercy and let Jesus be Lord over his life. Treatment is a step yet without God we are powerless, only God’s Holy Spirit can give us the strength and give us victory over bondage, over the enemy. May I allow God to fill me with His spirit and increase in faith as He has me in this long journey.

    Dan T. S – just got his orders and will be stationed in Japan. His family is grateful for this location. Please for safety and that he continues loving what he is doing.

    Keith K – Please pray, of course, for safety and peace.

    Rudy S – He’s in Afghanistan. The family is hoping he’ll be able to come home in May. So far he’s doing well. Please pray for his mother, she’s experiencing much anxiety. Pray that God turn her thoughts to Him and claim the peace God has already given her.

    Military – please pray for our men and women in the military. They need God’s protection and a peace that only He can provide. Please pray that He would send someone to minister to those who don’t know Him.

    Mikey – 7 wks old, at home on an apnea machine, has a lung infection and underdeveloped lungs
    Mike B – 2 yrs old has leukemia
    Molly K – 8 yrs old has leukemia
    Patrick – 11 yrs old, brain tumor
    Bridgie S – baby with cancer.

    Barb L – for healing

    Kathy F – praise God for her healing; she is standing and walking now. She’s been in the hospital/rehab for about a year now. She has kept her spirits high. Thank God for her family, friends, and the wonderful care she receives. God, of course, has proven himself faithful … AGAIN!

    Kathy P – praise God for her healing; God keeps giving her the strength she needs to face each obstacle. God is bigger than anything we can see, hear or feel.

    Vanessa – that He keep me from being distracted so that I can keep my eyes, ears, heart and mind on Him.

    Matt – that he is able to rest in God’s peace.

    Toby – that he would know God is real.

    “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”
    ~Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

  54. Please put Carla Butler and Keisha Howard on your prayer list. Keisha was in a serious car accident, broken arm, leg, spleen, and pelvis.

    Thank you for all your prayers. Let us keep each other up in prayer, for healing and financial blessings.


  55. Hello prayer warriors:

    Please put my brother, Willie Morris in your prayers, God is in the healing business he is in the hospital, with kidney issues. Also be praying for Shirley Long, she is in the hosptial with congestive heart failure and fluid on the lungs.

    God said healing is the children’s bread.

    Thank you all for your prayers.

  56. Christopher Britt

    December 6th is truly a day for prayer and for miracles. Let us believe together for Ayden’s complete and perfect recovery and perfect health.

    Pray also for my dear sister, Daisy, this Friday as she has surgery to remove and examine a growth in her “woman parts” that ought not be there.

    Thank you.

  57. Thanks for your prayers for my grandson. My daughter saw the surgeon today and Ayden has a mass (the size of a golf ball) behind the heart which is pressing again his esophagus. He is scheduled for surgery December 6th. So please, keep him in your prayers as well as his mother and myself.


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  59. Vanessa Schergen

    Kevin Reynolds – Last spring he was diagnosed with a staph infection that traveled to his heart valve. He underwent open heart surgery to replace the infected heart valve and missed his last semester of his freshman year at college. Two years ago he had the same staph infection in his spine & had a hard long recovery from that. He recovered over the summer from the heart surgery and worked extremely hard to make up his school work to make up the semester that he lost.
    He returned to school this fall and recently became very ill. He was diagnosed yet again with a staph infection that had traveled to the same heart valve. His immune system is only working at 25%. He must now undergo another open heart surgery to replace the valve. Only this time, the infection is throwing out multiple emboli that caused him to have a major stroke on Sunday. He is in a coma and is paralyzed on the right side of his body. Since Sunday he has continued to have many mini strokes. The doctors are trying to bring him out of the induced coma so they can see how much brain damage there is. He cannot undergo the heart surgery until the clot/stroke issues are resolved. Every time he begins to come out of the coma, he become agitated causing more emboli to travel to his brain causing multiple strokes.
    At this point, the doctors are not giving the family much hope and are preparing them for the worst. At this point, he is on all antibiotics that are possible but the infection continues to rage. It’s just a waiting game right now to see which way this will go. Needless to say the family is devastated. Please pray for Kevin & his family that they get through this whichever way it goes. My heart is breaking for them, but it’s in God’s hands now. Please please send this out to your prayer army!
    Let us remember who our God is.

    J.P. and his family. He is only 14, and he has a brain tumor. Treatments are not working.

    PRAISE REPORT – Mateo decided to stay with Company A.
    The superintendent believes he will be able to provide another position after the next two weeks.
    I am thanking God right now for how He has, is, and will provide.

  60. Vanessa Schergen

    Leslie’s cousin’s husband who had a heart transplant back in March. His body is rejecting his heart. I know that our God is the healer. Please pass this information on to the many prayer warriors.

    Len’s cousin, Marianne – “In the past few days I have felt like a yo-yo emotionally. Some really good things happened, but realization of having this disease has set in and is scaring me. I have it in check, but……I need all of the people I treasure to pray for me today. I never thought I would request prayers to get an ok for a doctor to cut me open and take something out of my lung !!!! Sometimes the realty just sounds too scary. The only think that has pulled me through times like this is PRAYER.

    So I request your prayers this morning. I want to feel LIFTED UP in your prayers. So put me on your prayer chains, grab a partner and pray. PRAY THAT I CAN HAVE THIS SURGERY AND RID MY BODY OF THE BIG C. How lucky am I to know that it is no where else, how lucky am I to have found such good doctors, but most of all how lucky am I to have such wonderful children,cousins and friends that are more like family that friends”

    Matt’s mom – pray for continued healing

    Kathy P and Kathy F – pray for continued healing

    Marnee – suffering from knee/hip pain. Pray that the problem will be identified and that healing be manifested.

    Adrianna and Bob – guidance, wisdom, patience, strength and peace. Thank you for supplying all that You know they need.

    Lawrence and Judy – for all that You know they need



    Oct 27, 2010 01:14:29 PM, wrote:



  62. Vanessa Schergen

    Would you please pray for the following:

    Joan S – Matt’s mom having surgery Wednesday to replace her pacemaker. She is in God’s hands.

    Kathy P – will be receiving a procedure/treatment/surgery this week with regard to non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
    Please pray for strength to recover quickly and peace. She knows she is in God’s hands.

    M and T – lift these young men up for guidance in their lives, and that they will see God’s love and power.

    Southside Pregnancy Center – lift up Southside’s financial needs to You. We ask that you would enlarge the hearts of those who are already partnering with us; whether it’s through the churches or individual people. Bless their homes. Bless their jobs. Bless their health and families. Touch them in a special way to continue being faithful monthly supporters of Your ministry to the unborn through SPC. Please raise up new partners from among those who will be attending the Banquet for the first time. Open their spiritual eyes and ears; touch their hearts with a passion and longing to help these little ones and their mothers. Let them see the need is great and they are desperately needed. Move them to become faithful donors and prayer partners with us.

    For those who have supported the work at SPC, we ask You Father, to move upon them mightily so that they would become faithful monthly supporters financially and prayerfully. And for all our partners, may they remember that it is You who bless us with incomes so that we can be a blessing to others. Help them to increase their giving this year.

    Thank you.

  63. Good morning Intercessors;

    Please put Pastor Samuel Collier on your prayer list. He is having surgery today and we just want to touch and agree that God is still on the throne and He is with Pastor Collier through it all.


  64. Please keep my sister Yvonne Hunter in prayer. She had surgery on yesterday, I spoke with her and all she said was please keep praying for her, she said the doctors said it went well, I really don’t like the way she sound. Please keep praying for my strength as well.

    Thank you all for your prayers.

  65. Vanessa Schergen

    Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

    Uncle Joe – just had his gallbladder removed today. They have also found blockage in his arteries
    but will have to wait to take care of that. Please pray for strength and patience.

    Lawrence and Judy – For God’s help to put the right people in our path that can help with a real estate transaction

    Audrey – for continued healing and strength as she recovers from pneumonia.

    Anna L – under sedation while waiting for more strength before they do a bypass.

    Lou who is having issues with anxiety.

    Audrey – that she have patience while she recuperates.

    Christian who needs encouragement and the strength of Christ to see him through his decision of joining the Army National Guard. He is also mourning the loss of his grandmother.

    Amanda who is mourning the loss of her grandmother.

    D – mammogram showed some abnormality; needs to go for more testing.
    Pray that she put her trust in God and confess her healing and not anxiety.

    N – This past year my life has been filled with so so much grief, that I know without God I would be so devastated.
    But, our hope and faith is only in Him. I totally believe in the Sovereignty of God!!!!!

    Please continue to pray for our military. Each one of us knows at least one person that is stationed either here or abroad.

    Some are in danger, some are not. But they all need and want our prayer and support.

  66. Please pray for:

    Lou who is having issues with anxiety.

    Christian who needs encouragement and the strength of Christ to see him through his decision of joining the Army National Guard. He is also mourning the lost of his grandmother.

    Amanda who is mourning the loss of her grandmother.

    thank you,

    Love you in Christ,


  67. Vanessa Schergen

    PRAYER REQUEST – 10/02/10
    Please pray for Debbie and Tom’s friend, Maggie and her family.
    Her husband, Jim, passed away this morning.
    Everyone thought they had another month to be with him.
    They have two young children at home.

    Please continue to pray for Anna L. I don’t know the update but
    I am sure she still needs prayer.

    God is good.

  68. Please pray for my sister, Yvonne Hunter. She has had a cough for more than 8 months that’s so bad, it affects her breathing as well as causes cramps in her upper extremities. Thank you for your prayers for her.

    Vivian Morris

  69. PRAISE GOD !!!!

    Mateo got a job! Not only did he get a job, but they called to ask him to work for them!!! Isn’t God cool?

    Barb’s sister-in-law is doing well. She will still need prayers for recovery and I thank you for all you do with your prayer requests.

    RUDY S – He is in training right now to leave for Afghanistan in October.

    Rena – for God’s guidance about a job interview next week

    Angela – please continue to keep her in prayer for healing.

    Kathy F – please continue to pray for strength, patience

    A Family – needs a softened heart, forgiveness and healing

    Thank you.

  70. Hello Prayer Warriors:
    Please put Michael Mason in your prayers. He is having health issues.
    God bless each of you, and thanks so much for your prayers.

    Vivian Morris

  71. hi prayer warriors

    once again i need your to stand in the gap in prayer for Angela. she back in the hospital with a high fever of 103. she ask for prayer, she does not want to stay in the hospital, she tired and wants to get healthy.

    God is good and faithful




  73. Thanks so much for all your prayers for Angela and Jonathan. God is good. She had surgery yesterday night, the surgery is normally one that they give to women that just had a miscarriage. She is still in the hospital, no longer in ICU, just resting now. As far as the bleeding– it has stopped, but the tumor on the other hand is still there, but they gave her a drug that is supposed to help shrink it. She will be going back into surgery in a few months. So please keep this a continued prayer, and once again I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers.

    On another note- I just got a call from my sister today informing me that my brother Edwin might need a liver transplant, because his liver and kidneys are shutting down on him. Please add him to your prayer list as well.

    The devil continues to attack left and right, but God remains faithful through it all. Nothing is too big, no matter how it may seem.

    Also lets not forget our brothers and sisters at Christian Fellowship– who are in a continuing battle with sickness and disease.

    God Bless.


  74. Please pray for Angela and Jonathan and their families:

    Isabelle’s daughter in-law, Angela, taken to the hospital yesterday. She has been bleeding non-stop.

    The doctor said if the bleeding does not stop she might need a hysterectomy. As of this morning, she has lost so much blood
    that she needs a blood transfusion. Please pray that God will give the doctors wisdom in making the right decision for her health.
    also please pray that through this they can put their trust in God.

  75. to my prayer warriors

    hi i need each of you to pray for my daughter in-law Angela.
    Jonathan took her to the hospital yesterday, because she was not feeling well. she been nonstop bleeding, the doctor said if the bleeding does not stop she might need a hysterectomy. this morning he call and said because she lost so much blood she going to need a blood transfusion. please pray that god will give the doctors wisdom in making the right decision for her health. also please pray that through this they can put their trust in god.


    Please keep 4 yr.old Jewels or Jules in prayer. He fell out of a 3rd floor window tonight, he is in the Childrens Hospital of Phila.
    Jules is autistic & cannot really explain what happened to him.
    God bless you all,
    Pastor Barbara J. Hopson

  77. Please put Dammani Kennedy in your prayers, he is a young man of 16 and was taken to the emergency room with heart problems.


  78. Please put Lucille Berry on the prayer list, motorcycle accident, trama to the head

  79. Vanessa Schergen


    Kathy F – stood up on her own last week. Please pray for continued healing.

    Laurie V – free from the addiction of prescription drugs

    Chris K – after 15 years in a mental institution, he is out and doing well

    please pray for:

    Ralph’s brother – please pray for salvation and for healing from a hip transplant

    Pastor J – Haiti – pray for God’s guidance and strength

    DeShawn – pray that God lead him

    Rojelio – had another surgery last week. Rojelio (25 yrs old) and several other friends were in a terrible accident a few months ago.
    While walking across a street, a car sped through a red light and hit another vehicle. He pushed his friends out of the way.
    All were injured but Rojelio lost a leg. He is a physical therapist/trainer by profession. Please pray that the surgery was successful,
    for continued manifestation of healing, and guidance from God about his future.

    John F – pain after survery

    Jonathan A – please pray for him and his family. He has had a serious drug problem.

    Bob and Adriana – I am reaching to you for prayer, to join me in prayer for deliverance for Bob.
    You are prayer warriors and Bob and I need your help to lift us to our Heavenly Father.
    For God to deliver him from the lies and grip of the enemy, of his bitterness, of his addiction, and to bring Bob to Christ again.

    Young woman has been having real bad female problems. she not doing good.

    Joyce’s mother – taken to the hospital.

    woman – diagnosed with cancer

    Mateo – God gave him another job after being laid off for 11 months. He’s been working about 4 months now.
    The company is very happy with his work but had to lay him off. Please pray for another job and also that the
    Home Affordable Mortgage Program will finally approve his application. God is bigger than any bank!

    Vanessa – that God will help me through this last class; that I speak life (His truth) and not fear.

    Becky – emotional healing

    Military – please pray for our troops and their families.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  80. Nicholas Ng'ang'a

    Dear Saints,

    I am humbly sending a personal prayer request that i will experience Divine Favor in my spiritual,Physical,financial,social and ministry life.

    Yours in Christ,

    Nicholas Ng’ang’a
    Executive Director
    Education Supplements International
    P.O Box 3305

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  84. Pray for the church am serving in and her council in the process of restoration, since we had some challenges.

  85. Vanessa Schergen

    Please pray for an 11-year old boy, DeShaun. He is living on the streets of Cabrini.
    Let God guide you in praying for him.

    Anita – doctors’ prognosis has not been good. But we must keep in mind that our
    Father is bigger than any words of man or medical tests.

    Thank you



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