$300 Million and Four Years Builds Monument To Man

A 10,000-seat rendition of Solomon’s Temple was inaugurated last week in São Paulo, Brazil, owned by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

The large 11-story complex has a helicopter landing pad, allowing Universal Church founder and Brazil’s “billionaire bishop,” Edir Macedo, to drop in for sermons. It also features an oasis of olive trees similar to the garden of Gethsemane near Jerusalem and more than 30 towering columns.

“The Universal Church spared no expense,” Rogério Araújo told The New York Times. “We sought to build a colossus, something that would make people stop and gaze, and that’s what we delivered.” …. Read this in full at

3 responses to “$300 Million and Four Years Builds Monument To Man

  1. the Jews will PROBABLY use it during the 7year Tribulation …. News Flash: the Muslims are having a $100 million mosque being built here in Greenbelt, Maryland …. know your Bible or else !!!

    • Thank you for your comment dholmes. I wasn’t aware of the mosque; however the misappropriation of funds used by the “billionaire bishop” shows that money given to these “institutions” and going to satisfy the “leader’s” egos by building something “that would make people stop and gaze” is abhorrent!

      • mosque, yes … its the 2nd one in our area (PG County, MD) that I am aware of along with other (Cult) religions/buildings …. NOTE: anytime you hear, “Bishop” > Run Forest Run …. like the Apostles, there are NO more (episkopos) Bishops, this “Office” has been translated to (presbyteros) Elders !!!

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